Wednesday, August 23, 2006

About this blog

This blog is for the community of athletic seniors -- those of us who are pursuing physical excellence in old age, and are serious about fitness and training. The topic is broad, encompassing many sports and training activities, nutrition, exercise science and medical research, masters competition, and more. In spite of this diversity, I suspect we share common goals and rewards. We feel better for our training -- in body, mind and spirit. To paraphrase George Sheehan, author of Running and Being, we exercise to add life to our years and years to our life.

This is a community blog. I will kick it off, but hope everyone sees themselves as a contributor, not just a reader. What are your passions? Can you offer training or nutrition suggestions or tell us about your sport? Are you organizing or participating in a competition? Have you read something valuable or gotten some new equipment lately? Which Web resources do you find valuable and inspirational? What is of interest in your city? Let us hear from you in comments and blog posts. Send me an email if you are not sure how you can contribute.

Larry Press
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