Thursday, July 05, 2007

Geezer Jock Magazine and blog

Sean Callahan, editor of Geezer Jock Magazine (the name says it all :-), has a blog called Forever Athletes. Check it for discussions of topics of interest to masters athletes. The Geezer Jock Web site also has forums for magazine subscribers.

Beginning swimming technique

I've never had swimming lessons, so needed to learn a little form to get ready for a sprint triathlon. I searched around on the Web and found some tips that led to significant improvement by learning a bit of technique -- simple things like keeping one hand extended while the other one comes forward and rotating from side to side.

This Grant Hackett video shows what I mean, and this article on keeping your arms extended (by coach Emmett Hines) was very helpful. There is a lot of "how to" material on the Web -- here are links to some other things I have found helpful.